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Peter Whitaker & Marilynn Roch along with Marilynn's two sons Peter and Robbie (and Diamond) started a small pool and hot tub business five years ago, this business has grown to a bigger location and is at the point where the boys were handling the day to day operations.  About a year ago Peter Whitaker and Marilynn embarked on the R & D developing the Aqua Fitness Pool. We felt there was a real need for this product in the Canadian backyard, with yards getting smaller.
It finally came to market in the fall of 2008, we attended all the Canadian trade and local consumer shows over the past five months.
Here we are with a great new product for all to enjoy.
Family Fun, Swim, Fitness,Hybrid Pool/Hot Tub
Treat your family to the newest pool on the market. This 8' x 14' swim spa / exercise pool gives you all the benefits of a full size pool and a full size hot tub and can be used year round in any climate!
The pool meets all your needs, small footprint, easy to maintain and keep clean.
Take the time to explore the possibilities of the Aqua Fitness Pool
"Proud to be family owned and operated"
"Build and sell a product that meets yours and our expectations"